Friday, October 20, 2006


What is Raya without Ketupat? Over the years... i cant help but to connect Raya with ketupat though my mom normally prefers cooking nasik himpit n rendang n lontong.. she never cook ketupat..perhaps she doesnt know how to weave the ketupat casing....It suddenly comes to my mind.. I want to learn to weave the ketupat casing as well.. not for cooking... just for decoration..(where to find nasi pulut etc?)..From next year, i want to weave the ketupat (if i ever manage to learn) using green papers n hang it inside the house for raya...

Ketupat? what is ketupat?? Well my dear Zaim family.. ketupat looks like this:

This is the ketupat casing.. I made a research on the net n i found this...

Materials for weaving ketupat casings. The Ketupat is a savoury rice cake wrapped in woven coconut leaves. The stick which forms the spine of the leaves is removed with a paring knife so that the leaves are split in two ribbon-like pieces. The young leaves of the coconut plant are used. These young leaves are light yellow in colour with green edgings down the long outer sides of the leaves. The length of the coconut leaves is just right for ketupat weaving. The wider the leaves the bigger the ketupat casing will be. The instructions given below is for the traditional ketupat - somewhat square in shape. Another type of ketupat casing is woven in the shape of an onion - called ketupat bawang.

Pandan leaves may also be used. The pandan leaves used are of the long variety and not the type commonly used for food flavouring. However, because of the scent or flavour of the Pandan leaves, such leaves are not usually used when the ketupat is served as a complement to certain dishes as the pandan flavour might affect the taste of the accompanying dishes. Ketupat are therefore traditionally served plain without any flavour. However, some ketupat are boiled in coconut milk seasoned with some salt.

For decorative purposes, ketupat casings may be woven in multicoloured craft ribbons.
How to cook & serve ketupat.The ketupat casings are filled with uncooked rice at the top opening of the casing. It is filled two thirds or three quarters full. The more water absorbent Chinese rice is preferable to the Thai variety as the Chinese rice makes a more compact ketupat and the texture of the ketupat is also smoother. A whole bunch of filled ketupat is then put into a big pot of water and boiled for about 3 hours. The ketupat are then cooled. Serve ketupat cut across diagonally twice with the casing still intact. Remove the casing after cutting. Ketupat are traditionally served with Sayur Lodeh, Serunding, Sambal Tumis, Soto or Satay. Because of the long hours of boiling, the ketupat will keep well and may last a few days even without refrigeration.

Some Weaving Tips

Briefly stated the ketupat weave comprises three vertical and three horizontal interlocking loops. The two ends of the split coconut leaves end up together at the diagonal opposite ends of the ketupat casing: the 2 narrow ends finish together diagonally opposite the two broad ends. The opening of the ketupat (into which rice is filled) is located at the top end where the broad ends of the leaves are located.

The leaves are initially handled iand placed in the manner illustrated in figure (1) below. When making the X, the B leaf should be longer than the A leaf so that there is sufficient space to line up the vertical loops.from the centre of cross to the B end of the leaf.

The 3 vertical loops (figures 2,3,4) are to be kept close together as otherwise it may be difficult to handle the weave when you get to stage (8) where the weave has to be turned around so that the bottom is turned up to face you. A loose weave may just fall apart then. Furthermore, you may also run out of the lengths of the leaves if the weave is woven too loose.
Dexterity comes with practice. A skilled person can complete one ketupat casing in under 1 minute.

NB The illustrations below are sketched to show the weave in loose formation as otherwise the weave will not be shown clearly enough and the back portion of the ketupat casing will not be visible. When weaving the ketupat all the vertical and horizontal loops should be woven as close to one another as it is possible to allow you to manouvre the next step. Try to keep the woven casing a square and not a rectangle as shown in the illustrations. You can do this by tightening or shortening the horizontal loops. In the sketches, the elongated horizonatal loops are also exaggerated to aid visbility.

Weaving Instructions

I will tell u if i ever manage to learn how to weave the ketupat casing..wish me luck!! it looks so hardddddddddddd!!

Thank You for hopping by..Hope to see U again next time....


Blogger Ajzie said...

Simah, Selamat Aidilfitri dari ajzie dan famili disini. Moga ceria selallu. Maaf jika ada terkasar bahasa dan kata.


Friday, 20 October, 2006  
Anonymous ruby said...

Hi Simah,

Ketupat! To me what is raya without..? many things. Yes, ketupat is one. Rendang, nasi himpit, jam tarts, mercun, kids laughter, green packets...and of course this hits me hard..the ones we love and have sadly left us. On this note,


To you and your loved ones.

Saturday, 21 October, 2006  
Blogger Mama Rock said...

simah, i'll think of you when i have my ketupat raya :) salam aidilfitri to you and family

Saturday, 21 October, 2006  
Blogger Kak Teh said...

simah, some years ago, i interviewed and did a programmed abt a guy who knows 27 different ways of making ketupat...he is just so wonderful.
SelamatHari Raya

Sunday, 22 October, 2006  
Anonymous S said...

Hi Simah,

I love ketupat tons and tons and tons. It tastes so good. Pleeze donch ask me to cook it saja. It is laborious to the hilt. But believe me, it would be different with you as to make it would be a sweet challenge, being abroad. I know that feeling.

When I was a student abroad, I whipped up incredible dishes which I never dreamt I would ever try. *smile*

SALAM AIDILFITRI dear to you and family.

Sunday, 22 October, 2006  
Blogger simah said...

Saya pun sama la..maaf Zahir dan batin *hugs*..

thank u..n to u too...*hugs*..salam aidilfitri utk u n ur love ones..jangan sedih sedih ya? maaf zahir dan batin

mama rock
think of me please hehehe ..salam aidilfitri to u too... maaf zahir dan batin.. :0)
makan jangan tak makan mama

kak teh
tu dia eh...27 jenis ketupat?? caya la... maaf zahir batin kak teh... salam aidilfitri utk kak teh sekeluarga..

dear S
please pleaseeeeeee cook me ketupat pulut *chuckles*..salam aidilfitri to u n ur love ones as well.. maaf zahir dan batin... jom kita rayaaaaaaaaa :0).. walaupun raya kat malaysia memang tak boleh nak compare dengan raya kat mana mana.. it is the best!

Monday, 23 October, 2006  

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